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Freewheeler is in the business of ensuring information on accessible travel options and activities for people suffering from severe disabilities, are easily attainable. It is our aim to continuously improve opportunities for people with disabilities to travel and live fulfilling lives.

“It is our aim to continuously improve
opportunities for people with disabilities”

Goals and objectives: It is our goal to make life, for people suffering from a disability, more livable. Whether through travel, employment or actively organizing and promoting events and activities we will provide options for people suffering from serious disability. Our first objective will be to investigate disability facilities within certain areas, to gather as much relevant information as possible. The information must be easily accessible and available at any time, through the use of the internet this can best be achieved. Different locations, around Australia, will be investigated and the resulting information posted on our web site www.freewheeler.com.au It is of the utmost importance the information we post remain current and up to date.


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