Newcastle at Night

Hi guys,

Sometime ago I bought a nice camera (Cannon 55D) and ever since that time I’ve been meaning to learn how to use it. Well the time finally came, as part of my uni course I had to go out and get some photos so I thought why not try and get some nighttime shots;

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Newcastle Baths Diving Blocks Newcastle baths_night_dom_freestone Coal_loading LoveNewcastle beach at night by Dom Freestone pelican_newcastle Newcastle Ferry Night time stokton bridge sparking Vannessa Mahone fire wheel silo at night




Quadriplegic Driving

I've been driving now for a few years (as a quadriplegic) so I thought I'd share a video with everyone showing exactly how a quadriplegic drives...


Mind Your Back

ParaQuad approached me a few months ago and ask if I would like to be involved in presenting Mind Your Back to schools in the Hunter. I was a little reluctant at first, as I thought that the message would fall on deaf ears. This was only due to the ironic fact that I had a similar talk when I was at school and still ended up in a wheelchair...


My First Youtube Video

Thought I'd share this video with everyone. I made it about two years ago, recorded the audio with my iphone at the Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle, while watchingthe revival tour


Accessible Veggie Garden

I’m constantly in my garden and i find it’s a nice distraction from the fast pace world we all live in. I don’t have a green thumb or any special knowledge of gardening but through investigation, trial an error and help from my awesome dad I’ve managed to create a garden that I’m able to grow vegetables independently in.